Welcome to the world of Nobo!

What is Nobo?

We are at the forefront of fashion in both production and retail of bags and shoes.

Our products are aimed towards modern woman, who lead a diversified lifestyle from work to relaxation, from special occasions to weekend activities.

Nobo is a brand that tempts with the intriguing design, which is always inspired by the latest hot trends.

This is not an online shopping webpage!

This page has been designed as a general introduction of our products, style and design.

If you like what you see, please visit us in our showroom placed in Łódź (Poland) for a wider range of products and to get to know us all better!

For further interest in a retail purchase, please visit Leganza.pl - our authorized online distributor.

Want to buy more than one?

All of our whole sale points are available through the lynxshoes.pl webpage.

Our main wholesale distributors are in Poland, Hungary, Chech Republic and Slovakia. We also have agents available in the UK and Ireland. Please contact lynxshoes.pl for more details.

Nobo team

Our Nobo team consist of young and enthusiastic people who love fashion but will not tolerate predictability and boredom. We live our lives with passion and totally submerge ourselves into our creativity. Moda is everything to us. Always keeping up to date with all world trends, which are a huge inspiration for our team but at the same time we strive to never mirror image anybody else’s creation.


Where to buy?

Online shop
Leganza.pl is an authorized online distributor of products NOBO. This shop founded by fashion lovers. Leganza.pl focuses on quality and fashion.
National wholesale
Visit us in our showroom placed in Łódź, Poland!
International wholesale
Online wholesale for European customers.